Lovely Good Morning SMS

A strong thought:

Never make a bit of gap between the dear ones,
coz u will never bear d pain
when d gap is filled by some one else…

gud mrng.

Rehna to chahte the sath unk,
Par is zamane ne rehne na diya,
Kabhi waqt ki khamoshi me khamosh rahe,
To kabhi unki khamoshi ne kuch kehne na diya.
Gud mrng.

Dont always adjust with others in life,
find smtym and enjoy being urself.
bcoz True relations never break wen u b urself.
gud mrng

The Light of God surrounds us.
The Love of God enfolds us.
The Power of God protects us.
The Presence of God watches over us.
Good Morning

Start d day with positive thoughts & mindset 2 feel positivity throughout d day
Have a pleasant positive morning & a Progressive day ahead.

A “Good Morning” prayer for U…

God bless Ur day & keep U Safe from Harm &

More & may U have a better One Than the day before!

The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching ur goal.
The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.

Good Morning & Make A Goal In Ur Life!!

Good Morninggg INDIA,
Bhai Logo Ko Salaam,
frndz log Ko Hi,
Buzurgo Ko Adaab
Khas logo Ko
Jadu Ki Jhappi With Pappi..

Some beautiful flowers…

to bring fragrance to ur life

Wish u a Sweet Morning !!!

Lovely thought of d day-
Worries are like a bird, let them fly over u..
Bt, dont give them a chance to build a nest on ur head.!!:-)
gm dear!

I Never explain myself to anyone”
Prsn who likes me,
doesnt need it…
Nd Prsn who dislikes me,
wont believe it…
Gud morg…

Yuhi mudkar na dekha hoga unhone,
Abhi kuch chahat to baki hogi,
Bhale hi ji rahe honge kitne sukun se wo,
Tadpane k liye hmari bas 1 yad hi kafi

I’m missing u knw.
I need u knw.
I make up mah mind.
I can’t forget u anyhow.
bt i can feel u all around.
cuz i luv u knw!!!
Gud mrng mah life!!!!!

You’re mah strength….
You’re mah world….
You’re mah beautiful poem….
Which always mah lonlyness heard….!!!
gud mrng

Beautiful lines told by a boy after proposing to a girl

” take ur own tym ,but dont take my life time”…

gud mrng

A se acchi morning
B se beautiful mrning
C se charming mrning
D se dreamy mrning
E se equaly morning
F se fairy morning
G se ab ye Bhi mai batau kya GOOD MORNING

A New Sun
A Fresh Day
A Cool Greetings
Asking u to Forget all ur Worries Sorrows & Tears for Someone
Who Wants to See You Happy. gd mrng

Beautiful Quote:

“The Greatest gift V can give to Someone, is d Purity of our Affection”

Gud mrg

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Cute Good Morning SMS

Eyes r not meant for tears &
heart is not meant for fear,
Never get upset,
always cheer as U r the one
who can make me smile for years.

Rest ur head right on me,
feel my heart beat,
& u will see,
tat tis girl,
adores U passionately
Loves U crazily. »-(¯`·.·´¯)-» Gud Mrng

Get up from ur soft soft bed
Open ur teeny weeny eyes.
Wear that jolly wolly smile
& say to urself
a Gud morning from my side.
Hav a great day!

Cool Morning Breeze
Pearly Dew Drops,

Waving Green Leaves
Flowers Blossom,

All Bring Joy and Say,
To Start a
Happy New Day

Do U know the meaning of morning?
Morning means One More Inning given by
“GOD” To PLAY and WIN..
Hav a winning day.gud morning.

A short N Cute SMS for life:
Care should b in Heart & not in Words
Anger should b in Words & not in Heart
Good morning . . . .

Above the dark horizon soon
new light rays will appear.
They signify 2 all the world
a fresh new day is here.
Good Morning

No cute quotes 2 say No cute greetings cards 2 snd Jst a cute SMS 4 cute ppl like U Hope U wil Fit & Fine

life is shØrt, make it cute, SØget up enjØy ur shØrt life, GM!

. ‘ 12 ‘ .
9 __/ 3 ‘
‘ . 6 . ‘
Time will alwayz fly, but my FEELINGS 4 u will nvr die Gud Mrng

*~’`^`’~*- Girlfriend SMS, 4 Morning greetings *~’`^`’~*-




Aankhe kholo Subah ho chuki.
Sari duniya khub so chuki.
Ab Aur Na koi baat karo.
Mere Morning Msg k sath Apne din ki Shuruwat karo.


Tazi hawa me phulo ki mehak ho,
Pehli kiran me chidiyo ki chehak ho,
Jb bhi kholo tm apni palko ko,
Un palko me bs khushiyo ki jhalak ho.

@(. = .)@
()”,jj, ()
()( /. )()


I searched many shops to buy d best chocolate 4 u.
Bt i didn’t find any chocolate sweeter than u & ur smile GÖÖD MÖRNiNG

“Happiness is not based on
position,power or prestige
but on the relationship with
other people those u love and care”.
Good Morning…!!

Waves Are Inspiring,
Not Because They Rise And Fall,
But Because They Never Fail To Rise Again.
Have A Rising Day.Good Morning…!!

You Worry About A Trouble
It Becomes Double
But Whn U Smile At It
It Disappear Like Bubble
So Always Smile At Ur Problem
Good Morning || Good Morningcute sms/quotes ||


:-: MORNING :-:
Sweet Thoughts
And Prayers Are Sent
Your Way To Warm
Your Heart & Bless
Your Day With Sweet Greetings.

Morning is not only sunrise
but a beautiful miracle of GOD
that defeats the darkness n spread light.
May evrydy spread light in ur whole life.!
“Good Morning“

New day new blessing.
Don’t let yesterdays failures
ruin the beauty of today,
because each day has its own
promise of love, joy, forgiveness…..
Good Morning…

Thanks to those who Hated me,
They made me a Stronger person.

Thanks to those who loved me,
They made my Heart bigger.

Thanks to those who were worried about me,
They let me know that they actually cared.

Thanks to those who left me,
They made me realize that nothing lasts forever.

Thanks to those who entered my life,
They made me who i am today.

Just want to Thank Every One .

Good Morning..!

A Good Thought:
One Simple Step To Stay Happy…
Never Think ‘n Speak About Third Person
Never Care What The Third Thinks ‘n Speak About “You”.. !

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Good Morning SMS English

The world suffers a lot,
not bcoz of the violence of bad ppl,
bt bcoz of the silence of GOOD PPL.

uth dekho subha ka nzara
hawa b thndi mosam b pyara
so gaya chand chup gya h sitara
kabul karo ap mera subha ka pyara gud morning hmara

Badal k sath Barsa Free
Surj k sath Rosani Free
Chand k sath Tare Free
Is SMS ke sath “GOOD MORNING” Free.

G-get up
O-open ur eyes
O-out 4rm ur bed
D-day has risen
M-mobile beeps
O-one msg received
R-read nd joy
N-never mind
I-it’s just a
N-new way 2 wish
G-gud morning

Gulshan me bhawro ka fera ho gya,
Purav me suraj ka dera ho gya.
Muskan k sath aankhe khol pyare,
Ek baar fir se svera ho gya.
Subh Prabhat

Good Morning SMS English

“Tuj mai Rab dikta Hai,
Yara mai kya karu”
“Darsan kr,
Dakshina de,
Prasad la
Chala ja,
Q ki tere piche or bhi Bhakt khare hai”.

“Sweet sweet Morning””cold cold climate” “Hot hot Tea” A little
heart beat says very very
“Good Morning”

VADIYO se suraj nikal aya hai.FIJAO me naya rang chhaya hai.ab to muskura do my dear kyo ki apko “Gud Morning” kehne ke liye mera msg aya hai.

No tooth brush,No jogging,
No tea,
No news paper.No bathing,
No breakfast,
No! No! No..Sb se phle apko
G(~_~)(~_~)D MORNING

A morning greeting doesn’t only mean “good morning”,it has a silent msg saying “I have remembered u wen I wake up”.Takecare & have a great day.

Khuda kare har manjil ho kayam apki,
har surat ho gulam apki,
hm to yahi dua krte hai sunahri ho subah aur roshan ho sham apki.
Very beautiful morning.

Deepak mai agr nur na hota, tanha dil majbur na hota,apko good morning kehne jarur atey agar apka ghar itna dur na hota.

Kitne Pyar Se Maine
Brush Bheja
Aaj to Daant saaf kr
Lena Yaar…….

God MorNing

Sun is happy….
Moon is angry…


Moon is missing u & Sun is wishing u a special good morning.

Sweet Good Morning Sms

We have a Strange and Unique Friendship.
Smile my friend.
its a Beautiful Morning

Best Relations r like beautiful street lamps..
They may not make the distance shorter bt they light ur path & make the journe easier.
Good Morning

Some flowers
Grow best in the Sun,
Others do well in the Shade!
God always knows
What is best 4u
Puts u where we grow best.
Good Morning & Have a nice day

‘Swt TIME,
totally swt,swt, sweet

Good Morning.

Na Mandir Na Bhagwan..
Na Puja Na Isnaan..
Din Hote He Hmara Sabse Pehla Kaam..
Ek Pyara Sa SmS Apne Dost Ke Naam..
good morning

WAQT”Kehta H Muje”GAWANA” Mat.
“DIL”Kehta H Muje”LAGANA” Mat.
“PYAR”Kehta H Muje “AZMANA”Mat.
“HUM”Kehte H bus Hme “BHULANA Mat.Gd Mning.

Sweet Good Morning Sms

Sometimes I wish there was no alarm clock because that is the only device which wakes me up when I am dreaming about you.

* * * * *

Every morning my love for you keeps growing and I feel like I am getting closer too you as each day passes by. You are the dream love of my life and I need you every day. Good morning.

* * * * *

Mornings Are Beautiful because It Starts With Your Love that Stays With Me All Day Long. Good Morning Dear.

Best good morning msg..
”utt jao chup chap..”
aadat hi khrab ho gai h….
jagne k liye bhi msg chahiye……..??
Good Morning:-)

Aaj ki taza khabar……
NEWSPAPER mein hai.

Good Morning:-)

Rat ne chader samet li hai,
suraj ne roshni bikhr di hai,
chaliye uthiye aur shukriya ada kijiye us rab ka
jisne hume itni pyari subah di hai.

A word of encouragement frm a true person during failure ,is worth more than an hour of praise by anyone after sucess!!!!!!!!!!

Pani ki bunde fulon ko bhiga rahi hai,Thandi lehren ek tazgi jaga rahi hai, Ho jaye ap bhi inme shamil, Ek pyari si subah apko jaga rahi hai. Good morning

pyari si dosti ko salam humara,
ap kaise hai sawal humara?
yaad karte rahenge ye wada hmara,
filhal kabul kijiye GOOD MORNING hmara.

From morning’s first light to evening’s last star, always remember how special you are! Good Morning!

* * * * *

Good Morning Sunshine… You look great today. How did I know? Because you look great every day.

* * * * *

your love has countless pages,
no matter open any page it shows your love only,
some time has friend, lover, brother, sister, father mother, husband, wife
but never ends, keep ON & ON,
Good Morning!

Morning is not only sunrise bt a beautiful miracle of GOD.
that defeats the darkness and spread light.
may this be one more beautiful day 4 u.

“subah” k “phool” khil gaye,”PANCHHI” apne “Safar” pe UDD gaye, “SURAJ” ate hi “TAARE” bhi CHUP gye..kya ap apni “MEETHI NIND”se “Uth” gaye?
Gud Morning

Gud Morning

Some beautiful flowers…to bring fragrance to your life Wish you a Sweet Morning !!!


`*`MORNING`* `

Good Morning SMS in Hindi

A night hug warms the heart,
A night kiss brightens the day,
& a gd morning to start your day!

It makes me so happy, this is what Im gonna do, send a gud morning smsright back to you, Good Morning my Friend, HAVE A WoNdErFuL GoOd MoRnInG.

Night has ended 4 another day,
morning has come in a special way.
May U smile lik D sunny rays &
leaves ur worries at D blue blue bay.

Cheerful people are like Sunlight.
They shine in to the corners of the heart &
offer bright mornings & fresh hopes….
+ + Good Morning + + to one such person.

Be the sky above you,
blue Soft be the road below you,

Affection be the breeze around you,
I pray all the happiness surrounds you.

Good Morning.

Deepak mein agar noor na hota, Tanha Dil majboor na hota,
Hum aapko Good Morning kahne jaror aate,
agar aapka ghar itna door na hota.
Good Morning

Raat ne chadar samet li hai,
Suraj ne kirne bikher di hai,
chalo utho aur thanks karo apne Bhagwan ko…
jisne hume ye Pyari si subah di hai. Good Morning

Bade arman se banvaya hai, ise roshni se sajaya hai,
bahut dur se mangvaya hai, zara bahar aake dekho…
aapko Good Morning kahne suraj bhijvaya hai.

An Ideal Day should begin with
A Cute little yawn on ur Face
A Cup of Coffee in ur Hand
An SMS 4m me on ur mobile?!
Have a g8 day GooD MorninG

Hi, friend i am coming to meet u
in the way of first ray of morning sun coming on your face
just to say
good morning

M-ake the most of it.
O-pen your heart and mind.
R-emember to thank God.
N-ever frown
I-magine me
N-othing to worry.
G-ood Morning!

You r my sweet SONA I don’t want u KHONA I want a place in your heart’s KONA Otherwise i will start RONA Atleast Good Morning to kar LONA

“ ‘:., ,*, ,/;
“.;;.,(‘v’ ),/;;
“.;;( );;”
i send A SWEET BIRD!
Knocking at ur window
just 2 say
Gudmrng.. ”

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Soraj ki pehli kiran
Din ka pehla pehar
Panchion ki pehli chehchahat
Dhanak ka pehla rang
Hawa ki thandi sansanahat
Subha ka pehla khomar:

Taji hawa me phulon ki mehak ho,
Pehli kiran me chidiyon ki ghehak ho,
Jab bhi kholo tum apni palkein,
Un palkon me bas khushiyon ki jhalak ho..

Subah ka mausam jaise janat ka ehsaas
ankhon me neend or chai ki talash
jagne ki majburi thoda or sone ki aas
par apka din shub ho hamari gud morning k sath..

Funny Good Morning SMS

Chahe ghussa karo,
Chahe galiyan do,
chahe sir pito,
Chahe mobile toro,
chahe ghar ka saman bikhair do
Hum tu isi time GOOD MORNING kahenge

Moon ne Band ki Lighting,
Sun ne shuru ki shining
Bird ne di hai warning
k ho gayi hai Morning,
to Hum bhi bol de ab,
aap ko Good Morning!

See outside the Window,
Sun rising for U, Flowers smiling for U,
Birds Singing for U, B’coz last night
I told them to wish U GooD Morning.

All mornings are like Paintings:-
U need a little inspiration to get going,
a little smile to brighten up
An SMS from someone who cares to color ur day…
(*) Good Morning (*)

Hello, wake up,
Receive my simple gift of ‘GOOD MORNING
wrapped with sincerity, tied with care
and sealed with a prayer
to keep u safe and happy all day long! Take Care!

Twinkle twinkle lazy star,
kitna soyega uth ja yaar,
up above the world so high,
Sun has risen in the sky,
uth ke jaldi pele chai,
then call me and say hi?

M-ake the most of it.
O-pen your heart and mind.
R-emember to thank God.
N-ever frown
I-magine me
N-othing to worry.
G-ood Morning!

Suraj ki pahli kiran khushi de aapko,
Dusri kiran hasi de aapko,
Tisri tandarusti aur kamyabi,
Bas aab jyada nahi warna garmi lagegi!!!
Good Morning

X’cuse me,
Agar ap abhi soye nahin ho
aur sms parh rahe ho to
“Good Night”
Aur agar aap so gaye ho
aur sms subah parho gay to phir
“Good Morning”

How is this idea of SMS Saving ? COOL NA…..

No Toothbrush No Tea
No Breakfast No Ssnnan
No God’s Pooja No
Sabse Pehle
Apun Ka SMS
Good Morning

birds are chillaying murgha is kukrukuing
chaand is doobing sun is nikling
flowers are khushboo maring peacock is naching
all are kahing to u ‘Good Morning
u r still soying???

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Good Morning Text

 [ ‘,’ ]
_/ [_] _
_/ _
hum ap ko Good morning kehny aye hen aur ap so rhy ho

Chand mama so gaye,
Suraj Chachu Jage,
Subah ho gayee mamu…
bole to Good Morning!

Good Morning Text

Stealing the blue from the splashing seas
A tinge of green from the youthful trees
A bit of orange from the sunset hues
With crystal white from the morning dews
I have framed a bright and colourful wish
Just for you..
Good Morning and have Colouful Day!

Meethi neend Meethe sapne
Ho Gaya savera ab to jago
Chand bhi chup gaya fir rat K intezar Me
1 naya din shuru karo apni manzil ki talash Me



TeNsIoN Na Lo
COLLEGE Hai Na Soney Ke Liye!

I wish I could be besides you as you open those cute eyes.
Would brush my fingers by your hair and lay your hands aside.
Then I would say a prayer for today to protect you from falling.
Lastly I would take your hand in mine and wish u good morning.

Wishing u…………….
G Morning
O Afternoon
O Evening
D Night
hey, 4 in 1 Text messages pack –
I save the money..

Hope U start da day ,
Bieng wat U lyk 2 b ,
Seeing wat U luv 2 see ,
Doing wat U plan 2 do ,
And having all ur wishes cum true

Build a morning on the foundation of kindness and goodness. Be proactive and speak something good to someone, encourage or compliment somebody. Help somebody in need and then you will see those seeds of kindness bloom into something beautiful.

If it were up to me to rearrange the alphabets, I would keep U & I together. Good Morning.

Sharing a smile is the easiest way to get your day started off right. Here is a smile for you so that you can have a day as wonderful as you are.

Night has gone and the moon too.
Sun has arrived with the sky blue.
Open your beautiful eyes,
There is a sms for you.
Good Morning

_Y__o__ 6am

.;’;’;. o
_Y_____ 7am

_Y_____ 8am

Good Morning!

Sun wouldn?t be red,
Sea wouldn?t be blue,
I wouldn?t be happy,
Without disturbing u.

Open ur eyes so the sun can rise
Flowers can blossom
birds can sing
Because all r waiting to see ur beautiful smile.
Good Morning!

Good Morning Hindi SMS

Paani ki boondain pholon ko mehka rahi hain,Thandi hawain tazgi jaga rahi hain,Ho jao app bhi is main Shamil,Pyaari si subah appko jaga rahi hai ..GOOD MORNING.

The breez his awakened the earth and sun has coloured ourworld,The birds have added melody to the MORNING and i hope im not late 2 wish u “GOOD MORNING”.

When you share urself with others,
Life begins to find its meaning..
the time U touch the HEART of others is the moment U truely start living!
Good morning

1 Khushbu
Gulab k Sath
Thori c Hansi
Mzak k Sath
1 Yad Mulaqat K Sath
Nhi Sbha Surj Ki Pehli Kiran K Sath
Hmesha Khush Rho
Meri Duaon K Sath

( ~,,~ )
So rahay ho kya ankhen kholo
( ~,,@)
1 nahi dusri bhi kholo
~G¤¤D Morniñg~.

Rat Pe “SVERA” Cha Gaya,
“SURAJ” Roshni K Sath Aa gaya
Ye MAHOL “SUBHA” Ka Sab hi Ko Bha Gaya Or AAP Ne Aankh Kholi To
“MSG” HAMARA Aagaya.

subha subha 1 pegham dena hai, apko subha ka pehla salam dena hai guzray sara din apka khusio main apki subha ko khubsurat sa naam dena hai ‘good morning

Namashkar! “yeh hamari morning SMS seva hai..Is main hum soti huyi aatmaaon ko SMS kark Jagate hain..Or Un k jaag jaane k baad Hum khud sojate hain.. GooD MORNING.

Aankhe kholo ALLAH ka naam lo, Sans lo thandi hawa ka jam lo, Phir zara mobile hath me tham lo,
Aur Humse b 1 DILKASH subah ka paigham lo
/ .—-._/
/ /__/””/
/ ____./ööd
/ / /

Fiza bankar aapke kareeb aye hain, 1 pyari subah aapke liye laye hain, naye ummedo k sath jeewan ki nayi suruat kejiye, hazaro duvaye apne sung laye hain.

G)od (O)ffers us (O)utstanding (D)evotion to
(M)ake us (O)bedient & (R)eady for (N)ew day to
(I)nitiate (N)ew aim for the (G)lory of life. Means
Good Morning¤

Raat pe savera chha gaya,suraj roshni ke saath aa gaya,ye mahol subaha ka sabhi ko bha gaya,aur aap ne aankh kholi to msg hamara aa gaya…

; ; ; ; ; ;
c(“”””) c(“”””)
“”””      “”””
$pecia£ TEA Ek mere lye aur
dosri b mere lye.
tume chaiye to
apni bana k piyu..;-)
Gud Morning.

Hawaaon ke haath ik armaam bheja hai, roshni ke zariye ik paigam bheja hai. Fursat mile to kabool kar lena, is nacheez ne subah ka salaam bheja hai.

Dastak di kisi ne, kaha khushiya laya hu, Inbox chhota na pad jaye, itni duaein laya hun, Naam hai mera SMS, aapko “GOOD MORNING” kehne aaya hun.

New Good Morning SMS

I just love when morning gets here, Cos I can send a sweet Good Morning sms 2 my beloved, wen shë having HØt cup of cØffee. Wat a lovely way 2 strt my day.
Gud Mrng

Mausam ki bahaar acchi ho
phoolo ki kaliya kacchi ho
hamari ye dosti sacchi ho
RAB bas ek dua hai meri dost ki har subah acchi ho!
Good Morning

Do u know D meaning of morning?
morning neans, one more INNING given by GOD to play and win so, GOOD MORNING & Have a Lovely andJoyful Day.

Passengers in sweet dreams are requested to open their eyes,coz the flight night iz landing into a wonderful day!!’Good Morning’

6 u ! u .: o w
p o o 6
6 u ! l ! w S
d 3 3 >l

Turn ur mobile upsidedown & read it again.

Dr’s prescription for today. A cute little smile for breakfast. More laugh for Lunch, Lots of happiness for Dinner, Dr’s fee… whole Day think of me….GOOD Morning…

Morning is NATURE’S way of saying: “Live life one more time, make a difference, touch one heart, encourage one mind n inspire one soul”.. Gud morning.

On The Canvas Of Life . .We Often Go Of Colour . .
But As Long As
People Like U There To Add The Right Shades
Life Goes On To Be A Rainbow
good morning

Twinklw Twinkle LAZY STAR, kitna soyega uthja yaar, Up above d World so high,Sun has risen in d SKY,uthke jaldi PEELE CHAI, thn U Call & say me HI

Morning has a great meaning.
Every morning d SUN says
“Wake up like me”
SKY says “Aim my height”
WIND says “Refresh like me”

There r many stars but d Moon is U,
There r many friends but d Best is U,
To forget Me is up to U,
To forget U is something I’ll never do!
Good Morning!

Just 3 Steps 2 end ur tensions: Ctrl+Alt+Del.
Control urself, Look 4 alternate solution &
Delete the situation that caused tension! Good Morning!

for gOOd person
for a gOOd reason
at a gOOd time
On a gOOd day
In a gOOd mood

Na Puja, Na Snan, Na Mandir, Na Bhagwan,
Subah hote hi hamara pehla kaam…..
Ek Pyara sa SMS aapke naam.
Good Morning yaar!

Bin savan barsat nahi hoti,
Suraj dube bina raat nahi hoti,
kya kare ab kuch aise halat hai,
aapki yaad aaye bina din ki shuruat nahi hoti.
Good Morning!

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Morning SMS

Morning SMS

A warm hello doesn’t come from the lips,
It comes from the heart,
Doesn’t have to be told,
It has to be shown,
Doesn’t have to be given,
It has to be sent.
Good Morning

I went to sleep last night with a smile because I knew I’d be dreaming of you … but I woke up this morning with a smile because you weren’t a dream.

Zindagi guzre Aapki HASTE-HASTE,
pyar aur khushi mile RASTE-RASTE,
Ho mubarak apko naya savera,
kabool karein hamari SALAAM-NAMSTE..GOOD MORNING. .

Yesterday is for “m e m o r i e s” Tommorow is an ” i m a g i n a t i o n ”

Beware of other duplicate morning wishers I’m the only authorized ISO 2007 certified dealer in morning wishes… I wish an original sweet beautiful

We are not too close in distance. Were not too near in miles.
But text can still touch our hearts and thoughts can bring us smiles.

Dear customer ur sleeping time has expired.
Now u can not use bed any more.
To subscribe again please wait for Good morning.

– .+””-., ,.-””+,-
#( -_-) – (-_- )#
*>”)(“< >”)(“<*
-.,*,.-”” “”-.,*,.-

Lìttle åñgèls Çömiñg ur wày
2 say

*.__.* *.__.*.__.*

Pyaar ka Prabhat, Sneh ka savera, Mohabbat ka mausam, preet ki pukaar, aur aap ki Muskan… Aaj ka din Mangalmay ho! Suprabhatam!

Being in love with you makes every morning worth getting up for… Good Morning, Sweetheart!

Wishing u
G Morning
O Afternoon
O Evening
D Night

hey, 4 in 1 SMS pack –
I save the money??????? ?

met PEACE, LOVE, WEALTH & HEALTH last nite & they needed a permanent place 2 stay, I gave them ur address. Hope they arrived safely. Gud Morning

Subha Ki kiran boli…
Uth daikh kia nazara hai.
Maine kaha Ruk,
Pehle SMS tou kar loon uss payar ko
jo subha se bhi pyara hai…

Hey, Good Morning! Rise and shine!
As you open your eyes to greet the morning sun,
I wish that you would be well and fine.

Feeling sad? Tears in ur eyes? Thing going wrong? Don’t forget… I am always with u… Good Morning Dear!

NAi Subha Ka Naya Nazara
Thandi Hawa Le K Aai Peghaam Humara Utho Tayar Ho Jao
Khushio’n Se Bhara Rahe Aaj Ka Ye Din Tumhara Good Morning

Bright Beautiful Dawn
Sing a Song rhythmic and long
Fly away all the fears of heart
Yours is the world
Just Make a start
Destination is Just a “Determination” Apart
Good Morning

G<><>D message for a
G<><>D person from a
G<><>D friend for a
G<><>D reason at a
G<><>D time on a
D<><>D day in a
G<><>D mood to say
G<><>D morning..

Always welcome a new day with a Smile on Ur Lips, Love in Ur Heart & Good Thoughts in Ur Mind…. And U’ll always have a WoNderFuL DaY.. GoOd MoRnInG…

On A Marvelous Month, On A Fresh Morning, When The Calendar Slides, When The Clock Creeps, A Handsome Smiling Face Wakes U Up. Its The Job Given By Me To The Sun To Woke U Up My Dear Friend. He Will Always Smile At U. To Show My Friendship.

I wish God made me a SMS, so that I can reach you in 5 sec, Cost u nothing, u’ll read me & I cud C U smiling which is worth a million 4 me. Good Morning.

If I get ur smile, I don’t need flowers, If I get ur voice, I don’t need music, If u speak to me I don’t any body else, If ur with me I don’t need the world. luv you, Good Morning.

Life iz small, never carry a big heart, share everthing, cry wen u want,laugh whole heartedly.
Smile every moment.
Feel things around as a GIFT.
GuD MorninG!

The world doesnot need more mountains to
climb, More seas to cross, or more stars to shine,
…What the world needs is
only more of U & UR smile!!

Angels go 2 ur BED 2 wake u Up
Surround ur Heart wid Love,
Touch ur Face wid a Rose
Wish u a Very Happy Good Morning

Happiness is not something u postpone 4 d future.
It’’s somethng u design 4 d present.
Make each moment a happy one.
I just did it by remembring U!
Good Morng !

Be consistent in effort no matter
how inconsistent the results….
Good morning..!!!

Comparsion is the best way to
judge our progress…
But not with others..
Compare Your Yesterday with your Today…
Good Morning

Get up!
Get up!
Nature is waiting for you to give gift
of 24″GOLDEN HOURS” for whatever
you want to do successfully.
“Good Things Follow You”..

+Hv a Nice+

Subah ko satana Accha lagta hai,
Soye huye ko jagana accha lagta hai,
Jab yaad aati hai kisiki to,
Use bhi apni yaad dilana accha lagta hai.

A morning text does not only mean good morning.
It also means, I think about you when I wake up.
Good Morning & Have a wonderful day!