Valentines Day Wishes

If you accept me as your Valentine, I promise that the only way I’ll hurt you ever is by holding your hand too tight.
Happy Valentine’s day!

You are sunshine, you are divine
I am addicted of you like the wine
A love so fine, be my valentine……….woo your girl/girlfriend/beloved on Valentine’s Day

My Adorable Darling My princess Charming
I Think Of You Every Night, Every Morning
My heart is beating, coz luv is starting
Missing you all the time, be my valentine!…………..valentine’s day wishes for girlfriend

V: Vibrant
A: Adorable
L: Lovable
E: Enthuastic
N: Naughty
T: Thoughtful
I: Innocent
N: Nice
E: Endearing

Sweetheart in sort you are valentine
Happy Valentine’s day 2014!

Love for me is you…
With every heartbeat I feel you more..
With every single breath I call out your name..
With every new day I grow old…
But love for you grows day by day..
you are in my thoughts all the time…
Would you be My Valentine!……heart touching valentine’s day sms/messages for someone special.

Please be my
V: Valentine
A: At all times and be my
L: Love that’s
E: Everlasting and
N: Never-ending. And we remain
T: Together forever
I: In good times and bad
N: Now please be mine till
E: Eternity!
Happy Valentine’s day!…………..valentine’s day wishes for girlfriend

Let me define valentine – V~Very E~Eminent L~Lovely E~Energetic N~Nice T~Telented I~Inteligent N~Noble E~Everloving
4 me simply you, be mine valentine………valentine day SMS

Feb 7 Rose day. Rs.25
(Red Rose)
Feb 8: Propose day. Rs.150
(card+Ice cream To Loge Hi)
Feb 9:Chocolate Day. Rs.250
(Isse sasti kya loge Doge)
Feb 10:Teddy Day.. Rs.750
(Isse sasta kuch nahi Milega)
Feb 11: Promise Day Rs.150
(Ice Cream tou kilaoge hi)
Feb 12:Hug Day.Rs.270
(Branded Deo laga ke hi Hug karoge)
Feb 13:Kiss Day..Rs 150
(SPRAYMINT Tou loge hi)
Feb 14:Valentine Day..Rs.2500
(Ise Sasta me kya Niptaaoge)

Congatulation single BOYS & MENS,
YOU JUST SAVED ON NEARLY RS.4245 !…….funny valetine quotes

He was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest, My noon,
my midnight, my talk, my song; I thought that love
would last for ever: I was wrong – W.H. Auden ……best valentine’s day quotes ever

The Date Sheet is out. Please start the preparation in right earnest.
7th: Rose Day
8th: Propose Day
9th: Chocolate Day
10th: Teddy Day
11th: Promise Day
12th: Hug Day
13th: Kiss Day
14th Valentines’ Day 2014

Date sheet aa gyi h, taiyaari shuru kr do.
7 – feb-Rose day
8-propose day
9- chochlate day
10- teddy day
11- promise day
12- hug day
13- kiss day
14- valentine’s day…

How to Get a Valentine ?
Girls Ki ‘Naa’..
Means ‘Try Again’ Tommorow Wid More Effort..
So Boys Thode Din Bache Hai Valentine’ day Mein…..

The best thing to present someone on this Valentines’ day is ONIONS.
1. Got colour of Love (Pink)
2. High priced
3. One can see the tears in the eyes of a beloved…..funny sms on valentine’s day…

Valentines special- 3 guys proposed a girl
1st guy : I cn die 4 u
Girl : every1 says that.
2 guy: I cn bring u a star from d sky.
Girl: old dialogue.
3 guy : I cn give u my facebook password and my mobile
girl (tears in eyes) : paagal … Itna pyar karta hai mere se

He’s annoying;
He’s hilarious;
He makes me yell;
He drives me crazy;
He is hot N spicy
He’s out of his mind;
He’s everything I want;
And that HE is YOU!
Can that HE be my Valentine? ……Valentine quotes for boys or just change He to she to send your girlfriend/beloved

Your eyes, your smile.
Your touch, your kiss.
Your promise, your words.
Our everlasting LOVE N PASSION 4 each other
Happy Valentine Day!

A 4 = aap ko Valentine's Day
B 4 = bhaut bhaut
C 4 = chori chori
D 4 = dil se
E 4 = ek bar
F 4 = face 2 face
G 4 = gale mila kar
Aap ko kehna chahte hai.
Happy Valentine’s Day……to wish your best friend on 14th February…valentine s day wishes for friends

Maine usse kaha be my Valentine
Apun ki har ada, bole toh ekdum mast hai
Wi boli kahin aur chakkar chalaao
Is route ki sabhi liney vyast hai……….funny valentines day sms in hindi

, -. .- , , -. .- ,
‘ •.¸.•´•.¸.•´


My love request:
If I reach with my hand, will you hold it?
If I hold out my arms, will you hug me?
If I come close to your lips, will you kiss me?
If I care for you, will you love me?
I want the world to know that you’re my love.
Please be my Valentine!

I wanna wrap you up;
I wanna kiss your lips;
I wanna make you feel wanted;
I wanna call you mine;
I wanna hold you forever;
Please be my Valentine!

Nothing is sexier than someone who wants you just as much as you want them.
Can you please reciprocate my feelings and be my Valentine?

Advice For Boys..
Boys K Liye 1 Bindaas Idea Hai.
14 Feb Se Related
Propose Karne Se Pehly dost (Dew) Pee Lena
Dar K Aage Jeet Hai Yaar………valentine s day wishes for friends

Plz Yaroo Boht Ho Gya
Apni Apni Girlfrnd Ko Sambhalo
Mujhe Phone Kar K Kehti Hai K
Aj Se 16 Din Bad
Hmare Sath Date Pr Chlo
Happy Valentine’s Day
14 Feb 2015……Valentine’s Day jokes

Aakhon Me Noor Hai
Chehre Pe Suroor Hai
Koi Mange Mera ‘Number’
To De Dena Kyu Ki

<) )

Valentine Krib Aur Meri Shadi Abi Door H.
Happy Valentine Day…………..valentine s day wishes for friends

Here’s a wish from the bottom of my heart that you may you find:
The beat of your heart;
The love of your dreams;
The partner of your life;
And the soulmate of your longing!
Happy Valentine’s day!

Say ‘I love You’ to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Warm and wonderful msgs collection to express your Valentine wish!

Raksha Bandhan messages

4 all D time u hav helped, & all D things u sacrificed,
4 all D tears u dried, & all the truths u hide,
without even a thanks for me to grow well,
now on this day of RAKHEE, all i want to tell THANK U & I LOVE U..

– * – Raksha Bandhan Quotes – * –
Brothers & Sisters
Fight like cats & dogs
They also teach & learn
And grow together
Looking out for one another
In the best of times
And through the worst
In the end
Sometimes our best friend
Can be a Brother
Or a Sister
Happy Raksha Bandhan

Tyoharo ka tyohar
Rakhi ka tyohar.
Jis se jhalakta he
Bhai Behen ka Pyaar..
Happy Raksha Bandhan…

:: Rakhi Messages ::
May this auspicious occasion bring you all the prosperity
and good luck in your way of life. Happy Raksha Bandhan.

=*= Raksha Bandhan Quotes =*=
Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.
& this day is certaily RAKHEE. Warm greetings 4 Raksha Bandhan
Sweetest Sister.

I want 2 tell u, during the times when we fought,
my love was in a different mood. Happy Raksha Bandhan sweety!

I sought my soul, but my soul I could not see.
I sought my God, but my God eluded me.
I sought my brother and I found all three.

As we grew up, my brothers acted like they didn’t care, but I always knew they looked out for me and were there!

The warmth of Ur love is all I need during cold times. Happy Raksha Bandhan Didi.

I want 2 tell u, during the times when we fought, my love was in a different mood.
Happy Raksha Bandhan sweety!

Phoolon ka taron ka sabka kehna hai, ek hazaron me mere Bahan hai…luv u always. Happy Rakhi..

~:: Rakhi Messages ::~

I wanna tell u the fight which we had earlier was my sweet way to express love. Today on this day I greet U a very happy raksha bandhan. Luv u lovely sis……

:: Raksha Bandhan Messages ::

May this Rakhi bring you everything you desire and everything you dream of.
May success
accompany you in every step that you take. Have A Blessed Rakhi

Rang Birange Mausam main Sawan ki Ghata Chai
Khushiyon ki saugat lekar pyari bahina aai
Bhai ke haton main saje rakhi se kalai
Sada Khush & Sukhi rahe Bahin – Bhai

CHANDAN ki lakri foolon ka haar.
August ka mahina savan ki phuhar
Bhaiya ki kalai bahen ka pyar
mubark ho ap ko Rachabandan ka tyuhar….

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.

A brother shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams.

Sisters are for sharing laughter and wiping tears.

-.- =”= Raksha Bandhan Quotes =”= -.-

A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.

Friendship sms Hindi – Friend sms Messages

Alone I can only say but together we can shout, alone I can only smile but together we can laugh, alone I can only live but together we can celebrate. Thats being friends.

Viswas ki ek Doori he Dosti,
Viswas k Bina Koori he Dosti,
Kabhi Thanks to Kabhi Sorry he Dosti,
Na Mano to kuch Bhi Nahi,
Mano To Rab ki bhi Kamzori He Dosti.

Frendship is like a glass,
A scratch on any side will reflect on the other side too,
so always handle feelings carefully,
coz the scratch cant be removed.

waqt badlata hai zindagi ke sath,
zindagi badlati hai waqt ke sath
waqt nahi badlata doston ke sath
bas dost badal jate hai waqt ke sath

Cos a Best freind carrys D load of difficulties & pain in ur friendship.
U do same and U R my sweet friend so U R my cute donkey….

At D shrine of frendship Nevar say die, Let the wine of frendship nevar run dry.

Luv is Docomo do D New.
Mariage is idea can change Ur life
Wife is Hutch wer ever U go she follows
But Frienship is Airtel Do what U love

An Excellent Thought By
A Misunderstood Friend-
“I Know U Hate Me,
But D Day Wen U Will
Know D Truth,
U Will Hate URself”

Dosti Yaqeen Pe Tiki Hoti Hai,
Yeh Dewaar Bari Muskil Se Khari Hoti Hai,
Kabhi Fursat Milay To Parhna Kitab Rishtoo Ki,
Dosti Khoon K Rishton Se Bhi Bari Hoti Hai…

Sweet word for friend
Do dosto k dimag bilkul railway k track ki tarah hote hai,
jo kabhi mil nahi sakte,
lekin wo hamesha sath sath chalte hue dosti ki gadi ko apni manzil tak pahuchate hai.

Jis ne chand ki roshni
Nhi dekhi
Jis ne pholon ki taazgi
Nahi dekhi
Jo ye kehte hai k mitt
Jati ha dooriyon se
Us ne shyd hamri dosti
Nahi dekhi

(‘_’ )
( ‘_’)
(‘_’ )
( ‘_’)
(‘_’ )
( ‘_’)
(‘_’ )
Search anywhere in world
You can’t find friend like Me

Can miles really separate us from friends?
If we want to be with someone we love,
arent we already there. . . ?

Meray dost!
Jab main ne phool maanga
tum ne guldasta dia
jab paani ka qatra maanga
tum ne glass bhar ke dia
jab sms ka kaha
tum ne mujhe call ki
abay behra hai kia?

Cute Friendship Messages for Texting

Cute Friendship Messages for Texting

Met u, became friends, had fun, freaked out, shared secrets, fought wid u,over u,for u, cried 4 u,wid u, teased u, hurt u, missed u, n here m stil thinking of u. Long journey huh? Will never let it end, right? Just wanted you to know that Dear friend, you are valued

Friendship does not need everyday conversation, Does not always need togetherness, If the relation is in the heart, A true friend never goes apart

Being visible isn’t always a requirment 4 being close, it just takes some thoughtful gesture and concern 2 capture d HEART of a FRND.

Gud Song
5 Minutes Happy
Gud Film
3 Hours Happy
Gud College
3 Years Happy
Gud Friend
like ‘U’
Life Long Happy!

I don’t remember where we met,
or how or when or why.
I only knew that when we did
I found in you a “Friend.”

I was never tired of this life
and it’s not gonna matter if
I fall down twice, coz I know each time I fall,
you won’t let me hit the ground.
Thanks for being around my friend.!

Give thousand chances to your enemy
To become your friend.
But never give a single chance to your Friend
To become your enemy

Some people cannot understand,
A friend you’ve never met.
But then I guess they’ve never had
A Friendship on the Net.

I may have forgotten to say that I care.
I may have failed to open up and share,
but though no words have been spoken,
my promise of friendship won’t be broken

Life Is Sin90 = 1
Lov Is Cos90 = 0
But Friendship Is Tan90 = Infinity!
It Has No Value In This Universe
Happy To Have A Friend Like U

When you’re down,
I’ll be there to cheer you up.
When you’re tired,
I’ll be there to lift you up.
I’ll be your friend no matter what!

Heart Is A Engine
Lubricate It
Love Is A Carburator
Dont Jam It!
Feeling Is A Petrol
Flow It!
Friendship Is A Vehicle
Keep Driving It

1 Day Luv Askd Frndship
Y R U Here In D World
Ven I Am Here?
Frndship Smild & Said:
2 Spread Smiles Were U Leav Tears

A word 2 say, A word 2 hear, Even in ur absence I feel u near….. Our relation is strong, Hope it goes long….. We’ll remain friendz,Till our HEARTS go on….

Frndship is like a clap it make sound great when we clap with two hands and frndship is strong when two person can understand each orther,and that two person are u and me … thanks for being my frnd…..

Cute Good Night SMS

Night Is A Theater,
Dream Is A Movie,
God Is The Director,
Nature Is The Producer,
U R The Hero, “Enjoy”
The Night With Sweet Dreams

Drm touchs ur hrt nd soul.
It is a magicl memory tht units fntasy nd reality.
Hope u’ll hv D swetst drm tonite… Good Night

Since ur eyes r luking tired… Lt ur eye lashs hug each othr 4 few hrs. Happy jurny into D world of drms..GOOD NIGHT

. + .’ + ) .+
+ ____+ ‘ +
/ ___^__ .;’;’;,
,,|__0_I I_,,,)(,,,
Night finally arrived!
so b4 u sleep, i’d like 2 wish u…

Good Nite!

ye kia abi tak jag rhy ho ?
aankhe bnd kro !
. “(-)”
1 nahi dusri b..!
(~ ,, ~)
. “(-)”
“Good night “

(((( (e
)))) –;P )
(((( (e

Sone wale ho? Ruko..! Mujhe kahne to do GOOD NIGHT Ab so jao.

(((( (I
)))) —:O )
(((( ( I

Sote hue ko jgaynge hm,
Ap ki nind churaynge hm,
Hr waqt sms kr k staynge hm,
Ap ko ayega gussa lekin us
Gusse me bhi yad to ayege hm.

1st-MiSS Me
2nd-ThInk oF Me
3rd-HuG Me
4th-LoVE mE.
TrY 2 SlEEp NoW &
ClOSe Ur EyeS.
Get PrePaReD 2 DrEaM oF mE!
Gd NiTe!

Na Din mai Light… Na Raat mai Light…
Wa wa wa!

Na Din mai Light… Na Raat mai Light…
phir bhi hm apko kehte hai…..
Sweet Dreams

| |G |
| |*o*|
| |,;*o*;,|
| |,;*”D”*;,|

sweet dreams….

The moon is sailing in sky,
with out any noise or shy,
she comes at night,
but looks so bright,
she never comes at noon,and disappears soon. GN

Cute good night sms to friends, girlfriend, wife, lover to send your special wishes tonight. All kinds of short greeting sms to send on mobile. Keep text messaging new and nice ones.

Dream a dream tonight as you sleep;
Smile a smile tomorrow that you may keep;
May all of your dreams and wishes come true;
Because I couldn’t find a better friend like you!
Good Night!……………….good night sms for friend

when you MAKE a commitment, you create hope;
And when you KEEP a commitment, you create trust.
Good Night!

Dont keep ur drms in ur eyes,
it may fall down as tears,
bt keep it in ur hrt so tat evry hrtbeat reminds u abut it!!!gud nite….

I Live By Faith & Nt By Sight ..
So Whthr I See U Or Nt,
Tlk To U Or Nt,
I Knw Tht U R Still The Same,
A Frnd Worth Keping Till The End…. Good Nite.

A spcl face,
a spcl smile,
a spcl sm1,
a spcl hug 4rm me 2 u,
a spcl prsn,
I found in u,
Sweet Dreams, Sleep well..

Funny Friendship SMS

Funny Friendship SMS

Our friendship has become our HABIT
even if U take out H – A BIT remains.
Take out A, Still BIT remains,
Finally take out B, still IT remains….New Funny Friendship SMS

everyday i see lots of strangers passing by me,
this makes me realised that,
life would be boring,
without a friend like u…

Life Is A Heart Attack.
Love is A Medicine..
Luver is A Treatmnet.. But,
FRND is A Doctor..
How Are You ?
My Lovable Doctor

Best line said in friendship by missed heart: “I will wait till the day I can forget u or the day u realize that u cannot forget me”..

If I’v hurted u anytime,anywer, den I jus wana say these
“Wat d hell..
V’re made for each otr!
Who else is Gonna fight wid u othr dan me.So jst shut up & bear me”

During our friendship,
there will b times u won’t see me beside u,
dun think i left u behind,
i just chose to walk behind u
so i can catch u when u fall…

God doesn’t gv u d ppl u want, instead He gvs u d ppl u need. 2 teach u,2 hurt u, 2 lv u & 2 make u exactly d way u shud be..
Those ppl are Friends..!
So always love ur frnz.. 🙂

Sabse alag sabse nyare he aap,
Tarif kbhi puri na ho itne PYARE hain aap,
Aaj pata chala k zamana Q jalta hai humse,
Kyuki “dost” toh akhir Hamare he Aap.

Pyar k mamle me hum bahot kacche hai,
par dosti ke mamle me bahot sache hai,
hamari dosti isi sachai par chalti hai,
ki hamare dost humse b ache hai

Making a million friends is not a miracle,the miracle is to make a friend who will stand by you when millions are against you..

I always thought loving some 1 was the greatest feeling,
but I realised tat loving a friend is even better,
we lose ppl we love but we never lose true friends.

Even tough time bcomes beautiful..
Wen endearing Friend wipes our tears saying
“Hey stupid! I’m here 4 u..”
Even d tears turn to a cute smile..

Read clearly :- To knw diff between real and just friends!
Jf : cals ur name sweetly,
RF : cals u alwys wid stupid silly names.
Jf : wil nvr hurt u,
RF : “hurt u often wid 1000’s of apologies”..
Jf : know a few things abt u,
RF : Cud write a book abt u..

Dedicated to u my best of best friend.! !Kabhi pasand na aaye sath mera to bata dena……..
Ham dil pe patthar rakh k TUMHE Goli maar denge………Latest Funny Friendship SMS

Sweet Good Night SMS

Since your eyes are looking tired, let your eye lashes hug each other for few hours.
May you have a very happy journey into the world of dreams.
Good Night!

Ay Chand Taro Zra Inko ek Hath Maro,.
Bistr Se Inko Nichey Utaro,.
Kro In k Sath Ab Tm Fight,.
kyu k Ye So Rhe The Bina Kahe
“Gud NI8”

“Beautiful” Morning
“colourful” Noon
“Joyful” Evening
“Peaceful” Night
Be happy its
“Fantastic EVIninG”
“HAVE” “A” “Sweet” “Dreams”

sleepy SMS 4 a sleepy prsn
4rm a sleepy frnd
4 r a sleepy resn
at a sleepy tym
on D sleepy day
in a sleepy mood
2 say please sleep
gud ni8

*Warm Pillow
*Hot blanket
*Soft Bed
*Sweet Dreams
*Sound Sleep
Have A great visit:-)

May ur
Salty n Crispy Night
b Peppered wid Spicy Luv
May Ü Smile in Lemon Munlite
Dream on Strawberry Fields
Under a Vanilla Razai
Hv A Yummy Yummy Nite !

Aao janch lety hai
Drd k trazu pr,
Kis ka Gam kaha tk hy,
Shidate kaha tk hai,
Kuch aziz logo sy
pochna to prta hy aj kl Muhabt ki,
Kemtai kaha tk hai,
Ek Sham aa jao,
Khul k Hal-e-Dil keh le,
Kon jany Sanso ki,
Mohlatai kaha tk hai. Sweet Dreams

/1)4,3,/5)6 /2),8,6/4)
( 2’3.7′ )9(4 ‘8;2’ )
press edit & Delete only numbers & take my gift…
Sweet Dreams

Barish ki 1 Bund apko Khushi de..
2 Bund hasi de.
3 Bund tandurasti de
4 Bund kamyabi de
5 Bund.
Bas kijiye varna..sardi ho Jaaygi..
gud ni8

Cool Cool Night Me,
Small Small Room Me,
Very Small Window K Bahar,
Bright Bright Star Ko Dekhte Hue,
Aap Sweet Sweet Sapno Me Kho Jayiye.
“Good Night”..

Welcome 2
Radio Bed FM
Dis Is Dj Bedsheet
Hngin Out Wis Dj Pilow
4 Nw I’l Play U A Song
Sleep Tyt Dozn Ov
Swit Drmz 4m d Album
Good Night
Njoy d Song

Sweet good night SMS in Hindi & English, gud ni8 sms. Lovely collection for lovable people. Sweet text for your sweetie woven in wonderful sweet good night SMS, pick your’s favourite one to send today.

Best Valentines Day Sms Quotes

u r my summer breeze my winter sun
u r my spring time fun
u r my special one
u r my love, only one

even if sun refused to shine
even if romance ran out of rhyme
u wud still have my heart untill the end of time
u r all, my love, my valentine…………valentines day quotes

Do u know what r the meanings of VALENTINE Ans: You r
E:everloving………………………best valentines day sms 2016

You are my sun and stars, my night, my day,
My seasons, summer, winter, my sweet spring,
My world, my thoughts, my breath, my future
My all, my love, my Valentine

one day the moon sed 2 me, if ur lover makes u cry why dont you leave ur lover.. i looked at the moon n replied would u every leave ur sky?

If I could be any part of YOU I would be your tear,
To be conceived in your heart
Born in your eyes…
Live on your cheeks and
Die on your lips………………………nice valentines day sms

My love for you is like water,
Falling countless…
The beating of my heart for you
Is heavy and soundless,
The feeling of being in your arm is
Precious and endless…………valentines day quotes

When things go wrong
When sadness fills your heart
When tears flow in your eyes
Always remember 3 things
1. I’m with you
2. Still with you
3. Will ALWAYS with you……………………best valentines day sms

As days go by, my feelings get stronger,
To b in your arms, I can’t wait any longer.
Look into my eyes & you’ll see that it’s true,
Day & Night my thought r of U!!

A word to say, a word to hear
Even in your absence I feel you near
OUR relation is strong, hope it goes long
We will remain the same till the life goes on!

I have seen angels in the sky, I have seen snowfall in july, I have seen things you only imagine to see, But I have not seen anything sweeter than you…………………… valentines day sms

your love is like a river peaceful and deep, your soul is like a secret that I never could keep, When I look into your eyes I know its true, you were made for me and I for you

Ur my strength, My luv, My heart.Ur luvn touch i long 4 so mch,Ur voice so softly dat whispers i’m ur’s 4ever b mine my baby “I LOVE U”

A candle may melt
and its fire may die,
but the love you have given me
will always stay as a flame in my heart.
Miss You My Valentine………………………..14 february valentine’s day sms 2016

not a moment pass by me
when i do not miss u
not a day pass by me
when i do not think about u
cos u r everything 4 me……………………..nice valentines day sms

Valentines day quotes to Say ‘I love You’ to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Make your someone special feel more special with Valentine Quotes, happy valentines sms, valentines day messages.

Funny Good Night SMS

Funny Good Night SMS

Dont waste thinking abt ur lost past
Dont waste time 4 planning ur future
Better kill sum mosquito with that time
So tht u can sleep better.
Good Night.

Chmkte chnd ko nind ane lgi,
Apki kushi se duniya jgmgane lgi,
Dekh k apko hr kli gungunane lgi,
Ab to fktey fktey mujhe bhi nind ane lgi,
GÔÔD Night

Namaskar!!!! Ye Hamari Madhya ratri Seva Hai. Isme Hum aadhi raat ke baad logo ki neend kharab karte hai. Dhanyawaad. Ab so jaiye.
Good Night.


Oops!?.Ouch i fell from bed Trying to reach my phone just 2 Say sweet dreams 2 u. Sleep tight.

are chand taaro…
zara inko ek laat maro….
bistar se inko neeche utaro……
karo inke saath fight…..
kyu ki ye janab so gaye hai bina bole…



Andheri sadak sunsan kabristan

sooni haveli kala aasman ,bijli kadki aaya toofan ,

raat ho gayi soja shaitan.Good Night.

Close ur eyes & imagine:Chand ka bed,Taron ki razai aur phoolon ka takiya!!!Nice na??Now come back to earth & sleep on ur KHATIA…Good Night….

ati pratapi, ati tejaswi, dayalu, kripalu, jag shiromani, purn narottam,

ati sunder, nirbhik,nidar, parakrami, ______ ji sone ja rahehai,


Hayo Rabba!! Tussi so gaye? inni jaldi? ik mint ruko mainu gud nite te wish kar len do!! gud nite hai ji ! O tussi chaho to sweet dreams bhi dekh lena…

Dosti agar buri ho, to use hone mat do, Ho gayi to use khone mat do, Aur agar dost ho sabse pyara to use sone mat do, Jagte raho …!

Bindas sone ka, Rapchik sapne dekhne ka, Bhoot ko nahi dekhne ka, Bole to….. Aina nahi dekhne ka, Aur chadar odh ke fultus so jane ka, Bole to Good Night!

Latest N new funny good night sms for friends, dost, girlfriends, wife. Cool collection of funny good night sms in hindi.

As the thief was leaving the house,
the child woke up & said 2 the thief
“Take my school bag also, or else I’ll wake up my mum”.
Gud Nite

Let the most beautiful dream come 2 u tonight
Let the sweetest person come in ur dream 2night
Dont make it a habit, Becoz i’m not free every night
Good Night

Funny April Fool SMS

jis taraf dekho aapka hi naam hai
jis taraf dekho aapka hi naam hai
upar likha hai most wanted
niche 25paise ka inaam hai

I LOVE YOugart especially with rice

Let me kiss ur lips,
Let me feel ur teeth,
Let me feel ur tongue
This is ur friend “PEPSODENT” reminding you to brush ur teeth, twice a day Everyday.

This sms is strictly meant for smart and cute readers only.
However since you received it,
There must be a technical error for which the sender deeply apologizes…

1 message recieved

cool person
sent it 1
fool is
reading it 1
fool is
angry 1
fool is
still reading

fool will frwd this
msg to another fool

Hitler bhi chala gaya,
Saddam bhi pakda gaya,
Laden ka bhi pata nahi,
Teri bhi tabiyat thik nahi rehti
Lagta hai dharti pe satyug aanewala hai…

5 Reasons Why I Like You-
1.Ur Never Boring,
2.U Know How To Bring On My Face
3.Ur Always On My Side,
4.We Are A Perfect Match,
5.Ur Always Fooled By Me.

This dog, is dog, a dog, good dog, way dog, to dog, keep dog, an dog, idiot dog, busy dog, for dog, 20 dog, seconds dog!

Now read without the word dog.

Happy belated April Fools’ Day cos I was out of station on 1st April

Anewala Kal Tumhara Hai..
Tumhara Hi Rhega..
Us pr Tumhara Hi Haq hai..
Kyuki kal 1st APRIL Hai..

April fool is d celebration of d fool, for d fool, by d fool
so why u reading just celebrate it

Santa got into a bus on 1st April
when conductor asked for ticket.
He gave Rs.10/-
and took the ticket and said april fool.
I have pass.

 3 + 3 = 8,
Kaise Hua?
Batao Batao Batao.
Nahi Malum?
He He He He..
Main Bataun Kya?
To Dhyanse Suno.